Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Consolidating Cookbooks

I always found myself having to sift through my 30+ cookbooks to find "that one ____ recipe" that I was looking for. I finally went through each of my cookbooks and typed up my favorite recipes into a Word document that I saved on my computer in categories such as veggies, main dishes, and desserts. Each category is its own document, which makes it easier to add more recipes to it later. I slip them into clear plastic sheet protectors and snap them into a cute binder. I found dividers with pockets in them to hold recipes I find in magazines, newspapers, etc that I want to add to my printed pages later. This is the cookbook I keep in my kitchen. I threw out the cookbooks that I know I just won't ever use. The others (since they're the cookbooks I always look through to find a new recipe) I keep in my "library" bookshelf in another part of the house. No more searching through a stack of cookbooks to find a single recipe! :)

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