Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Chore Charts & Kid Bucks are on Etsy!!

I've set up shop on Etsy to make it easier to purchase my Chore Charts & Kid Bucks system. Please visit my Clever Homemaking Etsy Shop (click here) to purchase my completely customized system!

I also altered the pricing to make it simpler. They are priced as a set "per child." Each "set" for sale consists of one chore chart with two chore cards, one AM/PM list, and one set of Kid Bucks (8 bills each of 1's, 5's, 10's, 20's, 50's, and 100's). Also included are one Kid Buck Menu and Allowance Chart per family.

Please see the Etsy listing for more details including current pricing, or feel free to contact me at cleverhomemaking at gmail dot com.



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  1. I hope things are going well with the chore charts. I have so many people who see the one that you made for us and then go home and create their own that fits them and their lifestyles. I am not that creative, so I'm glad that I have the one from you. But some of the ones that I have seen are really cute and they have done a great job. Thanks for helping with our chore chart for Leah. We Love Love Love it!

  2. I have chosen you for the "One Lovely Blog" Award because I appreciate the tips you share to help simplify and enrich my life.
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  3. Hi I am trying to contact kim to purchase some of these wonderful chore charts. My server is rejecting her address and I can't find a way to contact her.....thank amber kent I live in Utah 801-682-0200