Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gmaps Pedometer - Awesome!

Ever wanted to figure out the distance of your walking/running/biking route without having to drive it? Or, have a walking/running/biking route that you can't determine the distance of because it doesn't use a route you can drive your car on?

Check out Gmaps Pedometer. Start by entering an address (or even just a city/state) to get a map. Click on the "Start Recording" button on the top, left-hand corner. In the left-hand column, you have the choice of drawing the map automatically, or manually (with straight lines, which works great when your route is off the beaten path). On the map, double-click your starting point. Then double-click points along your route until you get to the end. As you click, the distance will add up on the left-hand column. If your route is "there and back," you can double-click the "there" portion, then click on the "Complete there and back route" link to finish it up and add the distance together. When you're done, you can save it, print it, or clear the map and start over.



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