Friday, October 16, 2009

56 Meal Ideas

I recently compiled this list of meals that our family tends to rotate through. This list compliments my Meal Planning post from a while back...

There are 56 ideas for main dishes here, which would be 8 weeks if you used one a night. But for good measure, you've got to throw in a few leftovers nights or out-to-eat nights -- so realistically, this list of 56 meal ideas COULD stretch to 9 or 10 weeks without a single repeat! I try to plan at least 2 things each week that are "favorites" with my pickiest eater. I also try to get a variety of red meat/white meat/vegetarian dishes too. And we have a breakfast-for-dinner night every other week (just because it's so stinkin' easy).

Here's the list:
1. turkey roast
2. BBQ chicken or BBQ chicken sandwiches
3. steak
4. potato soup
5. Italian marinated chicken
6. chicken enchiladas
7. fettuccine alfredo
8. spaghetti & meatballs
9. parmesan chicken cacciatorre
10. meatloaf
11. scalloped chicken
12. chimichangas
13. pizza pockets
14. baked ham with pineapple
15. turkey pot pie
16. hamburgers
17. chicken burgers
18. chili
19. hawaiian chicken
20. tacos
21. lasagna
22. chicken alfredo lasagna
23. chicken a la king
24. sloppy joes
25. lemonade chicken
26. beef enchiladas
27. ravioli
28. BBQ pork ribs
29. fried chicken
30. chilidogs
31. taco soup
32. sweet & sour chicken
33. chicken soft tacos
34. pot roast
35. french dip sandwiches
36. white chicken chili
37. salsa chicken
38. homemade pizza
39. beef stew
40. pork chops & applesauce
41. chicken noodle soup
42. teriyaki chicken
43. tuna casserole
44. cheesy chicken
45. manicotti
46. vegetable pizza
47. french toast
48. pancakes :)
49. shepherd's pie
50. vegetable soup
51. macaroni & cheese
52. farmhouse chicken dinner
53. chicken & broccoli casserole
54. turkey soup
55. BBQ beef sandwiches
56. burritos

Is there anything you'd like me to post my recipe for? You can always find recipes on AllRecipes, of course, but I'd be happy to share a personal recipe if you'd like it. And on a side note, any recipe with more than 6-8 ingredients is intimidating to me, so my recipes are usually super simple and easy. :)

Wondering what the point of meal planning is? Read my post about the 10 Benefits of Meal Planning.

How to you organize your family's meals?
What are your favorites that I have missed?


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  1. Whenever I sit down and try and plan out meals - I'm lucky to come up with a weeks worth. My brain stops functioning after a couple of old worn-out ideas. Thank you so much for posting this list. It reminded me of some old favorites that I've all but forgotten. Now I think I'm ready to really sit down and plan.

  2. These are the ones I'd like recipes to.

    fettuccine alfredo
    parmesan chicken cacciatorre
    hawaiian chicken
    chicken alfredo lasagna
    taco soup
    white chicken chili
    cheesy chicken
    chicken & broccoli casserole
    THank you!

  3. Karen:

    Email me at with your request and I'll send you the recipes. :)