Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Favorite Things: Sally Hansen Hand Creme

Do you have cracked, split, dry skin on your hands during the winter? I do. Or DID. Before a nurse friend gave me this:

It's Sally Hansen's 18 Hour Protective Hand Creme. It has vitamins A, E and C along with grape seed oil and shea butter. The trickiest part of this is WHERE to find it. It is sometimes in with the hand lotions. But most often, I've found it near the Sally Hansen nail products.

If you put it on generously at night, you'll heal your hands and protect them from further drying, cracking, and splitting. I usually also put it on once each morning after I'm ready for the day. Bonus: the grape seed oil makes it smell good too!

You'll thank me later. Trust me. :)


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