Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tips for an Organized Home: Time Management

Time Organization
  • Limit the number of daily decisions you have to make. For example, plan weekly meals in advance and post the plan on the refrigerator.
  • Establish routines to help you get things done in a timely manner. For example: back up your computer every Friday, change bed-sheets on Saturday, do the grocery shopping on Wednesday, etc.
  • Consolidate efforts to save time and energy: shop for groceries once a week; double a dinner recipe and freeze half for another night.
  • Schedule a family meeting once a week to review upcoming agendas. Keep the family calendar in a central location so every family member can enter appointments and events.
  • Divide house cleaning chores into separate days. For example, clean the kitchen on Mondays, the bathrooms on Tuesdays, Vacuum on Wednesdays, etc. Divide chores into things that take less than 30 minutes, and (if you stick to your schedule) you'll clean the entire house each week without having to carve out an entire morning to do it. You can also work laundry into the schedule too. My schedule is as follows: Mondays - grocery shopping, general tidying; Tuesdays - boys' laundry, clean bathroom; Wednesdays - dusting, vacuuming, general tidying; Thursdays - Mom/Dad's laundry, clean kitchen; Fridays: girl's laundry, pay bills.
Tomorrow: Bedrooms / Closets

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