Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things

I found the neatest website. It's from Readers Digest.

Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things

Clean messes. Repair problems. Save money and time. 2,317 uses for common household products — all over your house.

Here's a sampling:
  • Extend vacuum cleaner reach
    Can't reach that cobweb on the ceiling with your regular vacuum cleaner attachment? Try using a long, empty wrapping paper tube to extend the reach. You can even crush the end of the paper tube to create a crevice tool. Use duct tape to make the connection airtight.
  • Freeze a washcloth for a cold pack
    It's hard to predict when someone in your household will next suffer a burn, teething pain, or another bump or scrape. Be ready. Freeze a wet washcloth in a sandwich or freezer bag. Pull it out of the freezer the next time someone needs some cold care.
  • Restore a sponge
    Hand sponges and mop sponges usually get grungy beyond use long before they are really worn out. To restore sponges to a pristine state, soak them overnight in a solution of about 1/4 cup salt per quart (liter) of water.
In a nutshell, my site is now obsolete. :)

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