Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saving on Utility Bills

by Amy Clark

Some of our bills can be eliminated as being “extras”, but utilities are just not one of these. If you are noticing an increase in your utility bills it is time to review what you may or may not be doing to cause this increase. Here are some helpful tips for ways to decrease your utility bills.

Saving on Water Bills

* Check to make sure none of the faucets in your household are leaking/dripping. A slow dripping faucet can accumulate over two gallons per hour.
* When watering the garden, set a schedule and try to water in the early morning hours to help minimize evaporation (between 6am-8am)
* Take shorter showers. Did you know that a shower uses approximately 6-10 gallons of water per minute? Think of how much money you could save if you shaved a few minutes off of your shower.
* Use your dishwasher and washer only when you have full loads.
* Contact your utility company to see if they offer reduced rates at certain times of the day and either timer-delay your washer/dishwasher or wait until that time to do your loads.
* Recycle your water from fish tanks and use it to water your plants. Fish emulsion is a good and inexpensive fertilizer. It is high in nitrogen and phosphorous. Just think what you will save on fertilizer and water.

Saving on Gas Bills

* During the winter use your fireplace. This will heat up the room at a much lower cost.
* Lower the temperature on your gas water heater. It is not necessary to have your water heated up to 180 degrees. You will find that by lowering it that you will in turn lower your bills.
* Invest in a water heater timer if you have an electric water heater. By turning the heat off during the time it is not in use you will save money on your bill without even making a sacrifice.
* Turn your thermostat down just three degrees. By doing so you will save approximately three percent on your heating bills.
* Weather-strip your doors and windows along with insulating your attic. This will conserve the heat in your home a lot more.
* Close off the rooms that aren’t in use in your home. This will help keep the rooms you do use warmer.
* Close vents in the rooms that have one or more in them. If one room is always warmer you can close the vent to force air into the rooms that are cooler.

Saving on Electric Bills

* When purchasing new appliances always try to get the ones that are energy efficient. You can save hundreds of dollars a year by spending the extra money to get the energy efficient models.
* Get in the habit of turning off all lights and appliances that are not being used. You'll be surprised at how quickly the energy savings will add up.
* When not watching television make sure that you keep it off. This is the number one electricity waster in the world.
* The dryer will use less energy if you dry loads of clothing one after another because the dryer will already be hot. What an easy way to save money and get your laundry done more quickly.
* Use low-wattage light bulbs or energy efficient fluorescent lighting. Compact fluorescent bulbs typically last ten times longer and they use 75% less electricity.
* Call your utility company to find out if they have off-peak hours and when they are. Many companies charge less for your electricity at night and more during the day. By doing your laundry and dishes during off-peak hours you could easily save money off of your utility bill.

Saving on Phone Bills

* Compare the prices of various long distance providers. A great place to look up information on lowering your long distance bill is
* If you have a cellular phone that offers state-to-state long-distance, use this instead of calling. Always make sure that you can call nationwide, the minutes you have available to you each month, and what hours are free (evenings, weekends) before making calls. I have made this mistake before and it was a costly one when I discovered I had no long-distance. Always be clear
about the terms of your plan.
* Take advantage of the internet and email instead of calling your friends and family. You can also use great instant messaging programs and still feel like you are having a telephone conversation without the high bill.

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  1. very helpful! I had never heard that about doing loads one after another..I'd always thought that maybe it was hard on the dryer because I was keeping it hot like that! Funny the things you think when you don't really know..