Monday, May 18, 2009

My Favorite Things: Top Ten Web Links

I thought it might be fun to share my "top ten" favorite sites on the web with you. You may already be familiar with many of these, but - then again - some of you may not be.

Please leave me comments with a few of your favorite websites!

Shopping Sites:

  • is an online classified ads listing service. Find your local Craigslist on the main homepage (linked).
  • is a Yahoo group that is similar to an online classified ads listing service, except that everything is FREE. Yup, FREE. You can post an OFFER for things you want to give away, and/or a WANTED for things you're looking for. Again, search for your local Freecycle group on the main homepage (again, linked).
  • is a subsidiary of Ebay. It sells mainly used items and is a great resource if you don't care about an item being in mint condition. The shipping is standard bookrate at $3.49 per item, so it's really reasonable (especially when you find items that are listed for only a few bucks!). You can also sometimes upgrade on shipping and get the item faster if you prefer. I just bought three workbooks for my kids that were $15-20 each at the big-chain bookstore. I got all three, including shipping, for $25!!
LDS sites:
  • has helps for folks in all kinds positions from leadership to teaching in areas from Relief Society to Primary.
  • LDS Clipart on has an awesome collection of clipart from church magazines and art available for free download. I use this site all the time for my Primary lesson handouts & coloring pages.
Miscellaneous "Reference" Sites
  • Microsoft Office Online Clipart is where I get most of my clipart images for this blog. It's free clipart with tens of thousands of clipart images at your disposal including sounds, photos, and moving clipart. Take a few minutes to explore the rest of the site as well as the clipart section. There's a lot of useful stuff on there!
  • Internet Movie Database is a fun site if you're a movie buff like me. You can look up movies and see bios on your favorite actors/actresses. So, for instance, when you're watching a movie and you can't quite place where else you've seen a particular actor, you can look the movie up on IMDb, click on the actor's name, and see what other movies they've been in.
  • is a fabulous resource for recipes. If you haven't heard of this site, you HAVE to check it out!
Kids' Websites
  • is a great site for kids and teaches pre-reading and reading skills. My kindergartener thinks it's great fun to "play" on this site.
  • has a great collection of black and white coloring book images. [For best results, save the image, paste it onto a word document, and stretch it out to fill the page before you print it.] They have holiday, character, learning, and themed coloring pages.

What are your favorite websites that I haven't included in my "top ten?"


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