Monday, May 25, 2009


I got this great idea from a friend of mine. It's GENIUS!

You know when you have a pinata at a kids' birthday party and the scramble after leaves some kids with a stash and others in tears?

Before stuffing the pinata with candy, put the candy in little baggies. You could even put kids' names on them to make the scramble interesting. :) Every child gets the same amount of candy and all is fair. No tears!


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  1. ohmygoodness- I love the things you post! My older child won't even DO the pinata thing anymore..too much fighting and she just wont put herself in the middle of it. The baggies- awesome. That way every kid is allowed to grab however many baggies you tell them they are allowed to grab..whether its one or 3..the rules are simple enough that they can still have fun. Love it!