Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Coupons Online

I was recently sent a list of online sites for coupons. Many of these sites have the same coupons available, but some vary from site to site. I'm new to the world of coupons (I know, shame on me!) so I'm trying to learn how to tackle this issue and get really good at it. I usually buy store-brand stuff, so I haven't felt the "need" to use coupons because I'm already saving a bunch with off-brands. I'm experimenting with couponing to see if it's something worth the time and effort (and if I will really save money)...

The list is:

Anyone have any other good online coupon sites, or a site they'd recommend with advice on using coupons? Help me out! :)



  1. Great list! I can't wait to see what comes of checking around these sites.
    I have a friend who is a master bargain hunter and she gathers as many sunday ads as possible, then combines the coupons in the ads with store specials- lots of times she just gets a good deal but every once in awhile, she gets really lucky and can buy every box for literally pennies. One time last year, we cleaned the entire shelf of mac n'cheese for about 7 cents a box! I think I ended up paying about $2.50 for an entire cart of maccaroni!
    Also, pay attention to the slips of paper that pop out after you buy groceries- if you don't mind going thru the line quite a few times, you can get super deals just from the coupons that are printed out at the register

  2. There is a great site called you can go to the site and look in different store fourms for shopping list and it does the work of pairing coupons with sells prices. Also people put things in there that they have foun that are free or nearly free after coupons.Let them know frugalmom2009 refered you.

    With this site i was able to go and spend only 28.00 and get 90.00 worth of things and I have 24.00 in coupons off my next orders too.

  3. I found your blog at MMB and I love it!!

  4. is fantastic and was featured by I think Oprah and in shopsmart magazine. grocery deals are listed by state and math coupons to sales and wh=ith your list it tells you what paper & which circular the coupon was in and which ones you need to print. It also tells you what the price is of the items and what quantity you have to buy to meet the sale or coupon requirements. Even if you already have a system this is worth checking out and seeing it will save you time!! No lost coupons, not forgetting about them till they expire, no clipping & filling a bunch of coupons you won't use!!!