Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hiding those Christmas Gifts...

Where do you hide your Christmas presents??

Under the bed?

In the trunk of your car?

We have a storage room where we have stuff stored, floor to ceiling. We hide all our Christmas gifts in empty suitcases on the top shelves of our storage room. The kids have NEVER (at least, to our knowledge) found them... We hide them in [nearly] plain sight! :)

So, where do YOU hide your Christmas gifts???

Email me at cleverhomemaking at gmail dot com and I'll post a list of your ideas... We can be super-sneaky and clever with the hiding of the gifts this year!


  1. Okay Kim, hope my 8 year old doesn't wander in and see this. Here are the places we've hid them in the past, I switch it around from year to year.

    The oversized hope chest that I use for blankets at the bottom of my bed. I only put them there after they are wrapped, put back a few of the blankets just in case they lift the lid. But they haven't found them yet.

    We have two closets inside our house and one in the garage, all that is in them is the water heater and the heating units (one upstairs and one downstairs) this is a closet that my little girls hate to open (they feel way to dark and spidery!).

    Last and my best spot yet is in the garage again. We have a Thule car carrier that we store hanging in the garage, I simply unlock it, slip the gifts inside and lock it back up. I even hide my husbands there, he never even looks, plus, if you are heading out of town, the gifts are already loaded and ready to go! Ha Ha!

    Fun post idea! Can't wait to read what others post for their best spots!

  2. I leave mine in weird places like stuffed in a drawer no one really ever uses, behind cleaning supplies, on top of the cabinets in the kitchen..

  3. I have a large brown paper sack in the pantry that I keep potatoes in. What they don't know is the other large brown paper sacks hold all my best chocolate - not really a gift hiding place, but a good hiding place nonetheless!

    I have a really large bookcase with lots of cardboard drawers on it that is supposed to be organized. But, it's not so much. This has worked to my advantage...I have almost all the girls' presents, still in the shopping bag, jammed in there! It looks "normal" to them!