Sunday, December 14, 2008

One of My Favorite Things: Sinus Irrigation

Okay, so I hope I don't gross anyone out here, but I just HAVE to share my latest find with you.

First, a little background... I have suffered from hayfever and chronic sinus infections since I was a kid. My allergies bother me probably 7-9 months a year, and I seem to have at least 4 or 5 sinus infections a year. And the few months that I don't have allergies, I seem to get sinus infections from the colds I get in the winter. I am ALWAYS stuffy. Needless to say, I should probably buy stock in Sudafed and Kleenex.

Recently I was diagnosed with a sinus infection after suffering with a nasty cold for about two weeks. I took the antibiotics for ten days as prescribed, and felt better about 48 hours in. About 3-4 days after taking the last of the antibiotics, I either got another cold, or the sinus infection was back. Either way I was MISERABLE. I had read about sinus irrigation on a friend's blog and decided (since nothing else was working) to give it a try. I went out to my drugstore and purchased the NeilMed Sinus Rinse Nasal Wash starter kit. I followed the directions and within 48 hours I felt back to 100%. I went from being almost sure I had another sinus infection to feeling just fine! All without any drugs or antibiotics. I was convinced this was a miracle device, and I had to share it!

What it is (for those still reading...) is a little bottle with a cap that has a straw attached to a hole in the top. You fill the bottle with warm, distilled water and add a little packet of "pH balanced sodium chloride & sodium bicarbonate mixture" that comes with the kit. You gently shake it to mix it. Then you lean over your sink and put the hole in the cap against one nostril. You gently squeeze the bottle and the warm solution goes up one nostril and out the other. You use about half the bottle, then blow your nose gently and do the other side. You experience a split second of unpleasantness at the start, then it's not a big deal. It feels much like when you get water up your nose, but it only lasts for a second. It doesn't burn or hurt at all. It is WONDERFUL to get all the mucus, allergens, pollutants, bacteria, etc OUT of your nasal passages. And even Doctors applaud its usefulness.

The website says it helps with:
• Nasal Allergies & Dryness
• Sinusitis, Rhinitis
• Allergic Asthma
• Post Nasal Drip
• Sinus Pressure & Nasal Stuffiness
• Nasal Symptoms from Flu & Cold
• Nasal Irritation from Occupational Dust, Fumes, Animal Dander, Grass, Pollen, Smoke, & House Dust
• Nasal Congestion

No, this is not a paid endorsement. But I do "endorse" this product fully!

Lately I've been using my Nasal Wash every couple of days and I still love it. It helped me get through my last cold taking a LOT less medication. This one of my favorite things! Crazy, huh?

Have I grossed you out yet? :)


  1. Hi! New to your blog, found you through Carol.
    anyway, i love my neti pot

  2. I saw something like this on Oprah. :D

  3. Yes, Carol, Oprah did a segment on the Neti Pot. I prefer the gentle pressure of the bottle, but (I've heard) both are great!

  4. yes- grossed out- BUT I don't mind so much as long as its helpful!
    I haven't tried it yet but I'll remember to do this when the need arises. I hate using medications. In my case, I thought I had really bad allergies this year because it went on for about 4 months (never happens to me) and finally- I took my husbands advice and stopped eating/drinking milk products and I haven't been sick since. Every once in a while, I want ice cream or cheese and by the next morning, Im sneezing all over again. Weird.

  5. Becca, I promise you will LOVE it if you try it. The starter kit (with 50 solution packets) is only ten bucks.

    And yes, the milk products/allergies thing is weird. But I've heard of it before. Maybe I should try that... Hmmm... Maybe not. ;)