Friday, February 13, 2009

"Garbage Bowl" Revisited

I've mentioned Rachael Ray on my site a few times, so you probably know I'm a big fan. :) I love her concept of the garbage bowl. If you're not familiar with RR, it's the simple idea of using a bowl to collect all the scraps/garbage while you're cooking, instead of making twenty trips back and forth to the garbage can. My only complaint is the large bowl that now needs cleaning...

I have a new take on the garbage bowl -- well, sort of. You know those plastic grocery sacks you bring home from the grocery store? Use one to line a large bowl. Use this lined bowl as your garbage bowl while cooking. When you're done, lift the bag out of the bowl and toss it. Your bowl is still clean!


  1. Kim--I love the garbage bowl idea and use it in my cooking all the time now. I notice I get most upset cooking when I'm tossing trash in the direction of the garbage can and it hits the wall and splatters so I have a bigger mess to clean up. I like your idea of lining the garbage bowl too. I just do it with the plastic bags that produce comes in.

  2. Rebecca, you are too kind... :)

  3. Great idea! I've started using just the bag.. usually whatever bag the veggies came out of!