Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Plastic Baggies as Bowls

I had the hardest time coming up with a title for this post... :P

When you have to fill a plastic baggie, first open it all the way and turn over the top part (the zipping part). The bag will stay open for you while you fill it. Plus, if you're filling it with something messy or wet, all the mess stays well away from the zip part of the bag and won't be such a mess when you shut the bag.

It's also a great way to convert sandwich baggies into snack containers for little kids. The bag stays zipped shut till you're ready to use it. Then open it, turn the top over, and hand it over. Easy for kids to use without having to tote around a small bowl/cup/etc. (I keep these in the car for on-the-road snack containers. They're great!)


  1. Im still getting over my sickness so Im going to blame my incomprehension on that but..can you explain this some more? I dont quite get it. :(

  2. It's like you're rolling socks. Turn the top portion of the bag back over the rest of the bag. When you're done, the zippy part is on the outside.

    Does that help??

  3. That's brilliant! That's a tip I'm going to use often. Thank you.